Buried Past exhibition

1. June - 15. September 2024.
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The travelling exhibition of the Thúry György Museum in Nagykanizsa is now arriving at the Balaton Museum, and will be complemented by the archaeological material of the museum.

With the travelling exhibition entitled Buried Past – Life and Death in Árpád and Medieval South Zala, the museum is presenting an archaeological exhibition focusing on Árpád and medieval lifestyles, burial customs and graves. The exhibits are part of the collection of the Thúry György Museum in Nagykanizsa, which will be presented in cooperation with the archaeological collection of the Balaton Museum.

The aim of the exhibition is to present archaeological research, including archaeobotanical, archaeozoological and environmental reconstruction studies, and the conclusions that can be drawn from the results of anthropological investigations in relation to the burials.

Two exhibition halls will provide an insight into the artefacts of Southern Zala, showing elements of life and death. In the first room, visitors will be able to follow the habits and lifestyles of people of bygone times, a reconstruction model of their dwelling, their utensils and objects of clothing (ceramics, beads, etc.), while in the second room, they will also be able to follow the end of their lives, with an insight into their burial, as the graves of a skeleton cemetery will be brought to life.

Source: Balaton Museum

Source of image: Thúry György Museum

Buried Past exhibition


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