Children’s toys chamber exhibition

25. May - 8. September 2024. 14:00
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The chamber exhibition of the Balaton Museum not only features toys from the ethnographic collection of the Balaton Museum, but also toys donated by the Keszthely Toy Museum and Játé

Play and games are an essential part of being a child, and the fact that museums have preserved numerous toys from different periods of human history is proof of this. Not so long ago, it was not only parents who gave toys to their children, but also children themselves, using their skills and imagination to make toys. The creative inclination helped them to develop their skills: the materials had to be found and worked, the toys designed and made. So the children themselves drilled, carved and sewed – making cornstalk animals, cane violins, willow whistles, rag balls – but parents were also happy to help with the toy-making. Toys could be bought from cottage craftsmen, carpenters’ guilds and artisans, either on order or at fairs.

Toys often imitated the culture of the environment, the tools and tools of adults – and after all, it could be said that today is no different. Even if there have been changes, the preparation for adult life is there in toys and games. Little tools, cars, animals, dolls’ houses, furniture, cutlery, food and many other toys line the shelves of children’s rooms. But whereas toys used to be made of wood, bone, pipe, straw, paper, feathers, rags or other materials found around the house, today it is mostly plastic that is used to make children’s toys.

The exhibition presents a selection of toys from the ethnographic collection of the Balaton Museum from the early 1900s to the present day, complemented by donations from the Vidor Toy Museum in Keszthely, Krisztina Majercsik and her husband Antal Kelle, from, and toys donated by Dr. Kinga Gerencsér and museum friends.

Source: Balaton Museum

Children's toys chamber exhibition


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