Leatherworks of the past and present

3. February - 18. May 2024. 14:00
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An exhibition entitled Leatherworks of the past and present will open, featuring objects made of leather or partly made of leather from the ethnographic collection of the Balaton Museum and the works of folk craftswoman Diána Dancsecs.


Péter Németh, museum director, welcomes the guests

Zsófia Csüllög, ethnographer-museologist opens the exhibition

2:00 – 5:00 pm Creative leatherwork with Diána Dancsecs, leather craftsman

Agricultural work, animal husbandry, clothing, footwear – leather items have appeared in many aspects of life in subsistence peasant households. What could not be produced in-house was left to a specialist or craftsman. Strap makers, saddlers, stitchers, seamstresses, bootmakers and later shoemakers were among those who served society by supplying the population with their leatherwork.

This exhibition presents objects made of leather or partly made of leather from the museum’s ethnographic collection. The selection includes an everyday flail, a representative bullwhip made by a shepherd’s hand and an unusual bagpipe.

Today, folk artisans are inspired by the crafts of the past. In Keszthely, leather craftswoman Diána Dancsecs creates utensils and collections based on folk art and elements of pastoral leather craftsmanship, with the needs of today in mind. Her works are also featured in our exhibition, thus showing both the past and the present.

Leatherworks of the past and present


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8360 Keszthely, Múzeum utca 2.