Keszthely Mountains

The Keszthely Mountains is one of the most diverse regions in our country, providing a home to many protected plant and animal species. It is suitable for leisure activities, short walks, excursions, and longer hikes, and we can visit its caves and castles. The forests were once owned by the Festetics family.

Discover the Keszthely Mountains!

Our country’s one of the most varied wildlife area

The westernmost part of the Transdanubian-Low Mountain Range is the Keszthely Plateau, whose highest point is Köves-tető (444 m). The mountain range consists of two large masses, one of limestone, dolomite, and the other of basalt. It provides a home to numerous protected plant and animal species, with about 80 protected, strictly protected plant species known. Notable are the rare dolomite vegetation (Primula auricula, pyramidal orchid, whitebeam subspecies, butcher’s-broom) Its animal world is also very rich. The mountain range is also the habitat of rare beetle and butterfly species nationwide.

Hiking in the Keszthely Mountains

The mountain range is suitable for short walks, excursions and longer tours alike, ideal for families and experienced hikers also. It offers program possibilities throughout the year. The route of the National Blue Trail also passes through the mountain range: Sümeg->Keszthely->Tapolca. The Darnay Dornyai Béla Memorial Tour connects seven lookout towers, starting from the Gyenesdiás railway station, passing through the Vadlánlik (cave), Nagymező, Berzsenyi Lookout Tower, Szent Mihály Hill, Batsányi, Szép and Bél Mátyás Lookout Towers, and ending at the Balatongyörök railway station, covering a distance of 17 km. The aforementioned lookout towers can also be visited individually, making it a perfect weekend family program, where you can admire the beautiful Balaton panorama and have a view of the Keszthely Mountains. The closest lookout tower to the city, which can be accessed from Nagymező, is the Festetics Lookout Tower, which has recently been renovated.

“The hiking trails are well signposted. There are many lookout towers, rest stops and hiking spots.”

Benjámin Attila BaloghLocal Tour Guide

Balatoni panoráma a Keszthelyi-hegységbőlAn interesting factIt is no coincidence that the lookout was named after the Festetics family, as the forests of the Keszthely Mountains were once owned by the family, who practiced forestry, and viticulture and winemaking on the mountainside in their time.

Good news for the lovers of Geocaching, that there are several geocaches in the mountains: by searching for them, we can combine treasure hunting with nature exploration. The castles of the mountains, Rezi and Tátika, are free to visit and can be a great program for the whole family, let’s get to know their stories too! Not far from Tátika, on the Kovácsi-hegy, there is a Buddhist temple, the Stupa, inaugurated by the Dalai Lama.

As we move east from Keszthely, we can also take the 8.5 km long section between Balatongyörök and Balatonederics on the Pele Apó Trail, and we will emerge at the Csodabogyós Cave in Balatonederics, which is a protected area.

Bicycle Tour: For Experienced Riders, on Difficult Terrain.

Csodás panoráma tárul elénk a hegység kilátóibólHintExplore the mountain on two wheels! Experienced cyclists are recommended to take the more difficult route, which starts from the Pilikáni cycling rest area, passes through the Büdöskúti and Bélapi rest areas, and leads to the Balatongyörök beach, and then returns to the Keszthely sign.



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