Fishing in Keszthely

The Balaton is a true angler's paradise, as the lake's waters are abundant in both native and introduced species, making it an excellent location for sport fishing. Around Keszthely we can find the Zalacsányi fishing pond and the Little Balaton, where we can fish in its southern part.

Locations and Services

Fishing Opportunities

The fishing season typically runs from spring to autumn, and in winter, if Lake Balaton freezes, we can fish from the ice. If we want to fish on the lake, we must turn to the Balatoni Halgazdálkodási Zrt., whose office in Keszthely is located at  Csik Ferenc Promenade 5. The Balatoni Fishing Regulations are also available on the Halgazdálkodási Zrt. website, which describes, among other things, the rights associated with the various types of tickets, quantity, size, seasonal and fishing methods restrictions, closed periods, fish protection regulations, etc.

Popular Fishing Spots on the Balaton Shore

In Keszthely there are several places where fishing is possible. Outside the beach season, fishing is allowed in the area of Libás and Helikon Beach, where fishing huts can also be found. The most popular is the Libás Strand, between pier and the shore, but fishermen also like the bay near Helikon Strand. The fish that can be caught in the area include: pike, carp, catfish, pikeperch, bream, eel, wels catfish, roach, and tench.

Fishing outside of Lake Balaton

The Zala River is full of various kinds of fish. With a general and shoreline ticket purchased from the Balatoni Halgazdálkodási Zrt, we can fish in the river up to the Fenékpuszta railway bridge. The Small-Balaton is a nature reserve, but with a Balaton ticket we can fish in certain areas of the Small-Balaton. There is a fishing lake nearby in Zalacsány, where pike, catfish, carp, and perch await the anglers. At the lake, we can fish with a day ticket and rent a log cabin.

Accommodation for Fishermen

In Keszthely we can find several accommodations which welcome fishermen with pleasure. The Süllőfészek Guesthouse can be found on the concrete road leading towards the campings, close to the beach, near the Helikon Strand. According to the needs of the fishermen, a space suitable for fish cleaning has been marked on the premises of the accommodation, and there is also a possibility of grilling. The Akvárium Apartmenthouse is also a fisherman-friendly accommodation, which can be found at the intersection of Csik Ferenc sétány and Csárda utca, connecting the Citybeach and the Helikon Beach.

If You Run Out of Ammo – Fishing Shops in Keszthely

If you need fishing equipment, bait, feed, permit, day ticket, fishing shops in Keszthely are at your disposal: PecaSarok Fishing Shop, Matula Fishing Shop, Potyka Fishing Shop, and Horgászvilág Fishing Shop.

Keszthely also hosts fishing competitions, including the National Charity Fishing and the International Carp Fishing Competition.

Érdekesség Phoenix gályaAn interesting factLet us not forget that the Phoenix Galley, which can claim to be the largest sailing boat ever on Balaton, is connected to Keszthely and the Festetics family.


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