The cultural institutions of the city provide a variety of programs throughout the year, events for all ages. The biggest events in Keszthely are the Helikon Celebrations, Keszthely Advent, Keszthely Fest, Museum Night, which attract thousands of people to the city.

Events in Keszthely

Helikon Celebrations

A nearly two-hundred-year-old event celebration, which nowadays is present in the city as a cultural parade of high school students and in fact in the whole life of Transdanubia. It provides students with the opportunity to showcase their preparedness in various art forms.

Night of the Museums

As a city of museums, one of the city’s biggest events is the Night of the Museums, where visitors can take an exciting time travel. Several museums of Keszthely join the program series with lectures, guided tours, exhibitions, concerts, light shows and many other surprises.


KeszthelyFest is one of the most outstanding summer events in Keszthely and the whole West Balaton area, featuring a wine street, concerts, nationally renowned performers, children’s programs on the city’s pedestrian street and main square.

Keszthely Advent

During the Advent period, Keszthely is dressed in festive decorations, with an Advent market, a Christmas tree in the city, a Nativity scene, winter delicacies and programs awaiting at the Main Square! On the Advent weekends, there is a playground, handicraft workshops, children’s shows, the schools of Keszthely present their performances, ensembles create a festive atmosphere and Advent candles are lit on Sundays. The 2021 winter surprise was the ice skating rink created for the children in the middle of the Advent bustle.


KultUdvar offers opportunities for culture and entertainment, with historical walks, petanque, exhibitions, craft products and concerts at the end of the day in such wonderful places as the Goldmark-ház Courtyard and the Castle Garden.

Open Churches

The series of concerts entitled “Open Churches” was met with great interest, during which Bach-Beethoven and Mozart evenings were held in the city’s churches, where we could hear the Concerto Budapest symphonic orchestra conducted by Kossuth-award winner András Keller, violinist and music director.


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