Keszthely Promenade

The Keszthely Promenade, connecting the Festetics Palace and the Keszthely Main Square, evoking a turn-of-the-century atmosphere, plays a central role in the life of the city both in the past and present.

In front of me is the Castle, behind me is the Main Square…

If we visit Keszthely, it is almost inevitable that – due to its location – we will pass through the pedestrian street of the city, or at least touch it. If time allows, instead of rushing, wander along the street, take a few minutes to admire its beautiful buildings, and see what valuable information its memorial plaques hide!
An interesting factDo you want to know more about the past of Keszthely? Then the book KESZTHELYI TÖRTÉNETEK was written for you, get it in the Tourinform office on the walking street!

The Promenade Then…

When we are on the Keszthely Promenade, wherever we look, come, go, we stumble upon treasures. Did you know that Károly Goldmark, the famous composer, was born here at the Pethő-house? Do you know which is the old Town Hall building? While walking on one of the oldest streets of the city, think of how many stories the buildings of various styles – Baroque, Classicist, Copf, Eclectic, Secessionist – could tell, some of them being hundreds of years old!

Érdekesség Simon-ház KeszthelyenAn interesting factAt the end of the Promenade Street is the Simon House, built around 1790, where the country's first beauty queen, Böske Simon, was born in 1909. At the age of 16, she was chosen as the beauty of the Promenade of Keszthely, and then in 1926 she was chosen as the Fairy of the Balaton. In 1929 she became "Miss Hungary" and then "Miss Europe".

Looking back at the past of the Keszthely Pedestrian street- formerly known as the Keszthely Promenade – the offer of its shops rivals that of any major town. There were goldsmiths, newspaper, glass, porcelain, fur, hairdresser, pharmacist, butcher, confectioner, and the list could go on. No wonder it was the busiest street of the city in the old days.

… and now

Although our needs have changed a little nowadays, so there is a fitness room opposite the Baroque-style Goldmark House, but there are many things that do not change: we are still happy to eat ice cream, eat delicious pastries, and go to a quality restaurant for meals.

Tipp borozás a SétálóutcánHintIf you're around here, come in for a coffee, a restaurant, have a glass of wine, and let the charm of the Promenade captivate you!

Events on the Promenade

The Promenade Street provides a venue for many events throughout the year. During the Street Festival, renowned performers create a summer festival atmosphere in the street on weekday evenings in July and August. On the first weekend of September, barrel organs line up, filling the street with music and good vibes. Then comes the KultUdvar, and throughout the year several guided tours, mainly on historical topics, pass through the street.


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