Keszthely City Market

The Keszthely City Market welcomes shoppers with local produce and a pleasant atmosphere from Monday to Saturday. In addition to the sun-ripened fresh vegetables and fruits, there are also producer cheeses, smoked meats, bee products, flowers of various colors, and industrial products available.

Fresh Fish, Vegetables and Everything You Need

Food Market (Part from Main Square)

The market can be divided into two parts according to what products we can get: food market and industrial goods market. On the part from the Main Square is located the Food Market, where we can find vegetable stalls, sellers with smoked meats, dairy products, cheese, beekeepers, pickles, and honey cakes makers. As Christmas is approaching – of course also at other times – we must visit the Shop of hungarian fish! We cannot miss the beautiful flowers according to the current season, we can find ready-made bouquets, as well as seedlings, with which we can decorate our garden.

Industrial Goods Market (Parking Lot Side)

On the parking lot side is the Industrial Goods Market. Here we can find an antique shop, a clothing store, a flower shop, a butcher, a herbal pharmacy, and if we want to have a key copied, that is also possible. The hairdresser and the café are combined in the Borbély&Café.

“Lovely salespeople, affordable prices, clean bathrooms. The corner pub is homely, the lady there knows everything about Keszthely and the surrounding area, she helped us find our way.
The flea market was great. Delicious homemade bread, chimney cake, cheap clothes? Not an expensive place. Atmospheric.”

Editke Balogh

With the holidays approaching…

Naturally, the market offer is adapted to the needs of customers, so for example, the upcoming holidays also determine the products of the vendors. At the end of October, as we approach the All Saints’ Day, we can choose from a lot of wreaths, we can get the right one for the Christmas tree before Christmas. If, for example, you need a flower or bouquet as Women’s Day approaches, feel free to visit the market!

Market days

In Keszthely there are two market days during the week, Wednesday and Saturday.

Access and Parking:

If we are in the city center, the market can be reached on foot from the end of the Main Square, a short walk from the Festetics Castle. By car, we can get here from Rákóczi Street via Unterberger Street.

174 parking spaces are available in the immediate vicinity of the market, the first hour of parking is free.


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8360 Keszthely, Piac tér


Open hours

  • Whole year
  • ClosedOpens tomorrow: 07:00
    • Thursday (today) 07:00-14:00
    • Friday 07:00-14:00
    • Saturday 07:00-14:00
    • Sunday 07:00-14:00
    • Monday 07:00-14:00
    • Tuesday 07:00-14:00
    • Wednesday 07:00-14:00

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