Bird Ringing and Bird Rescue Stations

At the railway station decorated with birds between Balatonszentgyörgy and Keszthely, the Bird Ringing and Bird Rescue Station operates. We can find out why bird ringing has an important international role and learn about the birds' flight route.

Let’s protect our birds!

Bird Ringing in Fenékpuszta

The Bird Ringing and Bird Rescue Station has been operating since 1985, as the Hungarian Ornithological and Nature Conservation Society station. Birds have been caught and ringed every summer since 1987, and continuously throughout the year since the fall of 2005. At the station, we can follow the entire ringing process, from the capture of the birds to the condition assessment, until the moment they are released. The station is run entirely by volunteers.

Ringing demonstration in summer season (15 July – 31 August) every day between 8-10 am, ticket: 1000 HUF/person.

Madárgyűrűző és Madármentő Állomás Fenékpusztán, Keszthely közelébenAn interesting factWhy do we need to ring birds? For a long time people did not know where birds "disappear" during the winter months. With the spread of ringing, we can study and track the migration of birds. Where do they migrate, which species migrate, how long do birds live, etc.

Bird Rescuers

In addition to bird ringing, the station also deals with rescuing birds. From the beginning they bring injured birds here, – hundreds of them each year, who, await after their treatment, to return to nature.

“An unforgettable experience with infinitely kind people! Everyone should visit them!”

Lajos VágóLocal Guide

Madárgyűrűző és Madármentő Állomás épületeiHintIn addition to the mentioned activities, the station's tasks include shaping attitudes and environmental education. Their main target group is the age group of children, for whom they usually organize camps in the summer, where the campers can get to know the animal and plant life of the area in addition to the process of bird ringing.

View of Lake Balaton

In 2019, a six-meter-high lookout tower was inaugurated near the station, from which a beautiful Balaton panorama opens up to us. The lookout tower built on the site of the previous structure is also a great help to experts when observing birds.


By bike we have to go from Keszthely to Fenékpuszta on the Bikeroad around Lake Balaton, a sign will indicate the station. By car from the 71 main road we have to turn left at the 115 km.

Tipp ha Fenékpuszta felé biciklizel, nézd meg az ókori Valcum romjaitHintNearby are the ruins of the former Fenékpuszta Roman fort, as well as the manor of Fenékpuszta and former small castle, it is worth visiting them! Not far away is the Small-Balaton Visitor Center, if we are here, let's definitely visit it!


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8360 Keszthely, Fenéki út 1.


Open hours

  • July 15 - August 31
  • ClosedOpens: 08:00
    • Wednesday (today) 08:00-10:00
    • Thursday 08:00-10:00
    • Friday 08:00-10:00
    • Saturday 08:00-10:00
    • Sunday 08:00-10:00
    • Monday 08:00-10:00
    • Tuesday 08:00-10:00

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