Island Bath

The Balaton's unique bathhouse in Szigetfürdő has been welcoming bathers in Keszthely since 1864. The bathhouse, which can be accessed from the City Beach and evokes the atmosphere of the turn of the century, is one of the most characteristic sights of the city, where cabins and sunbathing piers provide complete comfort to the bathers.

Island Bath: Past and Present


The first water-built bathhouse was completed in 1864, the first round bath island was built in the 1880s, and then it was extended to a bath with a decorated entrance from two islands. It is interesting that once ladies and gentlemen sunbathed and bathed separately from each other. The maintenance of the island bath was transferred from the ownership of Balaton Fürdő Rt. to the city in 1890. The Festetics family also contributed to the maintenance of the bath. In the 1950s, the building was in a rather poor condition, but instead of being renovated, it was demolished and then rebuilt from steel and concrete. In the second half of the 2000s, the original appearance was restored in several stages. The building is authentic from the outside, its equipment and interior meet the needs of the modern age. In 2017, the reconstruction of the two towers took place, and the building was also given new decorative lighting, so we can admire it in the evening hours.

Island bath Today

The water-built bathhouse is equipped with renovated, rentable cabins, modern sanitary facilities, showers, as well as 2 sunbathing piers from which swimmers can immediately dive into the depths. If we get hungry or thirsty in the water, the buffet offers can help satisfy our appetite and quench our thirst.

Keszthely vízre épített fürdőházaHintThe impressive building is a popular spot for photography. Although always beautiful, it is best to take pictures at sunrise and sunset, so it is worth timing them for these times.

In the heart of the Balaton coast…

If we are already in Island bath, let’s take advantage of the services offered by the City Beach, where a water park, kayak-canoe point, sports fields, slide, and Balaton-shaped pool await us! After sunbathing, let’s take a walk on the shore, admire the Balaton and Keszthely from the Giant Wheel, or take a boat ride!

Admission Ticket

Discounted tickets can be purchased at the beach, after 18:00 we can bathe with a 50% discount. We can pay with SZÉP card, bank card, cash, and the West-Balaton card can also be used.

HintDiscover the island bath outside the season! Many people visit the atmospheric building from autumn to spring, not without reason, as the sunsets over Balaton are the most magical from here.


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8360 Keszthely, Balaton-part


Open hours

  • June 08 - September 01
  • OpenClosing: 19:00
    • Tuesday (today) 08:30-19:00
    • Wednesday 08:30-19:00
    • Thursday 08:30-19:00
    • Friday 08:30-19:00
    • Saturday 08:30-19:00
    • Sunday 08:30-19:00
    • Monday 08:30-19:00

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