Lake Balaton Shore and Pavilion Row

Keszthely's most popular spot throughout the year is the Balaton shoreline, which is easily accessible and offers a variety of programs and leisure activities from spring to autumn. Approaching from Helikon Park, you will find the Pavilion Row, where you can eat and chat as you wish.

Balaton Shore in Winter and Summer

Pavilion row – Restaurants by the Shore

In the summer season, the Pavilion row offers many interesting and delicious things from the Table of the Olympians to the Musicpavilion. If we notice before going to the beach that we have left something at home, we can go to the boutiques where we can choose from many beach items. If we are tired from travelling, swimming or cycling, a variety of buffets and restaurants await us. If we crave nostalgic flavors, let’s have a hot dog or a pancake, if we want something else, there is also a pizzeria and a grill.

At the Beach in Summer

The beach of Keszthely on Lake Balaton is full of life from spring to autumn, hosting programs, gastro festivals, concerts, performances and screenings at the Zenepavilon. The giant Ferris wheel rises above the beach, from which a wonderful panorama of Lake Balaton and the Keszthely region opens up. The beach ends with the Pier, from which various boat trips depart. If we come with a child, we should definitely visit the Water Play Park, which provides a meaningful relaxation for the little ones. Here we find two iconic buildings of the Keszthely beach on Lake Balaton, the Wave and the Balaton Hotel.

“I will definitely come back in summer to listen to a concert.”

Lisa SzakalLocal Guide

The Promenade during the year

Although the summer period is the busiest at Lake Balaton, we visit it throughout the year. It is an ideal place for resting while cycling, we can relax on benches while admiring the lake’s water. Between the Balaton Hotel and the Helikon Hotel, we can find a playground for children, an adult fitness park and ping-pong tables. Even if we just want to take a pleasant walk, we should choose the Balaton shore, shorter and longer distances can be covered in a beautiful environment. Many people like to capture beautiful moments, two photo points make sure that our photo clearly shows that we were in Keszthely. Two famous people’s statues can also be found on the shore, directly by the water Ferenc Csik statue, who was the  Olympic champion from Keszthely, and the sculpture of Queen Elizabeth between the Balaton and the Wave Hotel. In winter, the Energy Square awaits ice skating lovers.

Balaton-parti séta egy hártyás lábú baráttalAn interesting factSoon the entire Balaton shoreline will be accessible as a grove, park promenade, and areas closed for decades will open up on the Keszthely Balaton shore.

Approach and Parking

From the Railway Station, you have to go in the direction of the Helikon park. If you are going by car, you have to go further to the railway crossing. Near the park there are several large, paid parking lots, as well as several parking spaces marked along the road, and parking is free at the back entrance of the City Beach.


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