Imre Festetics Animal and Wildlife Park

We can get to know native Hungarian wild species and animal species in the Festetics Imre Animal and Wildlife Park, which belongs to the Festetics Imre Experience Center on the border of Keszthely and Gyenesdiás.

Indigenous Hungarian animals

Bubu, Dáma, Zorró and Friends are waiting for you!

Would you like to meet Bubu, the Hungarian merino breeder? Or would you rather meet Dáma, the doe? Or maybe the story of Zorró, the black Racka sheep? Come and visit them in the animal park of the Imre Festetics Experience Centre, named after the imperial and royal chamberlain and landowner geneticist, where you can observe several rare indigenous animal and species. You can see them watching wildlife, from the benches, and you can even pet some of them! Do you know which animal came here after the Turkish war? What milk is used to make delicious soft cheese? What is Hungary largest and most elegant species of deer? Why does Lilla Goose say that this is not a fairytale fate for sheep? Come and get answers to your questions!

“Very nicely landscaped place. A special treat for children, so many animals in the park. There is also a small self-service restaurant and a playground that is very creatively designed. The animals are friendly, you can pet many of them. It’s worth to visit it if you’re in the area.”

Müllerlei LajosLocaler tourguide

The renovated animal and wildlife park

The zoo, owned by Bakonyerdő Zrt., opened its doors in 2012. In 2021 the zoo was renewed and since then it has been merged with the House of Nature and is part of the Imre Festetics Experience Centre. The 4.6 hectare Wildlife Farm is also part of the Experience Centre, where you can meet 5 big game species found in Hungary: deer, mouflon, fallow deer, wild boar, roe deer and sheep. We can see the animals in a more natural, wooded environment than before. For the enjoyment of children, there is also a playground in the park.

Érdekességek Festetics Imre élete és munkásságaAn interesting factFestetics Imre, the brother of György Festetics, began to work in farming after a military injury. On the family estate he started sheep breeding, and soon he was unable to purchase better breeding animals than his own. He became an animal breeder, geneticist, and zoologist, and his name is associated with the basic laws of genetics, and he was the first to use the word genetics itself. Although he had many great pioneering ideas and discoveries in his profession, his work was still forgotten for a long time, although it is likely that others used his results.


Coming from the 71 main road, we have to go towards Faludi Street at the Gyenesdiás roundabout and then continue for about 500 meters and turn left onto Dornyai Béla Street. The beautiful building of the visitor center will be visible on the right. Free parking is available in front of the visitor center.


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8315 Gyenesdiás, Dornyai Béla út 4.


Open hours

  • January 02 - December 18
  • OpenClosing: 19:00
    • Thursday (today) 09:00-19:00
    • Friday 09:00-19:00
    • Saturday 09:00-19:00
    • Sunday 09:00-19:00
    • Monday 09:00-19:00
    • Tuesday 09:00-19:00
    • Wednesday 09:00-19:00

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