Imre Festetics Experience Center

The House of Nature, Village Yard and Wild Farm in Gyenesdiás, part of the Imre Festetics Experience Center and maintained by the Bakonyerdő Zrt., offers a complex picture of the flora and fauna of the Keszthely Mountains.

Imre Festetics Experience Center

Experiential exhibitions

The Imre Festetics Experience Center is made up of three units, the House of Nature, a Village Yard and a Wild Farm. The House of Nature Visitor Center, maintained by Bakonyerdő Zrt., offers interactive visual elements, photo illustrations, acoustic and visual effects, and lifelike dioramas for those who want to get to know the wildlife and natural values of the Keszthelyi Mountains. The Village Yard and the Wild Farm invite visitors to spend time with the now rare native Hungarian domestic animals and the local game species. The renewed Wild Farm will feature a section where visitors can observe red deer, fallow deer, mouflon and wild boar, as well as a ‘sheep breed show’ featuring native breeds. In the wooded, forested area, visitors can observe game in a more natural setting than ever before, from high-stands and benches. Young visitors can also have fun in the new playgrounds.

“A very nicely designed place. Inside there is a small exhibition. Outside there is a display of game and domestic animals. The animals are nicely kept. Their area is also larger than I have seen in wildlife parks. The wild animals have high-stands next to the runs. There are restrooms at both ends of the park. They were nice and clean. The paths are easily passable with strollers. It is well worth a visit.”

G VLocal Guide
A Természet Háza bemutatja a környék természeti értékeitOur favoriteA popular element of the VR room is where, thanks to modern technology, we can try out the work of a baker, blacksmith, and cooper.

Yurt campsite

In spring 2023, a new yurt camp was added to the center. These yurts are the ideal accommodation for a class trip, team-building training, horse riding or a rowing tour.


Preschool and school groups can choose from a variety of themed activities, as well as guided walks around the park. If you would like to complement your visit to the Imre Festetics Experience Center with an excursion to the nearby forest, the Experience Center can also provide an escort.

Tipp kirándulás a Keszthelyi-hegységbenHintIf we get the urge to go hiking, let's not hesitate, let's climb the Keszthely Mountains, visit its lookout points, and enjoy the view of Lake Balaton! Let's also get to know the wildlife of the mountains!

Native pets

The Village Yard is not an explicit petting zoo, but many animals can be fed with the treats available at the ticket office. Sheep, fallow deer, buffalo, donkeys and goats line up at the fence and await visitors and their Bubu treats. The two fallow deer, Pocak and his son, are particularly affectionate, need to be stroked and are very photogenic.

Érdekességek Festetics Imre élete és munkásságaAn interesting factFestetics Imre, the brother of György Festetics, began to work in farming after a military injury. On the family estate he started sheep breeding, and soon he was unable to purchase better breeding animals than his own. He became an animal breeder, geneticist, and zoologist, and his name is associated with the basic laws of genetics, and he was the first to use the word genetics itself. Although he had many great pioneering ideas and discoveries in his profession, his work was still forgotten for a long time, although it is likely that others used his results.

Access, parking

If you are coming from the main road 71, at the roundabout in Gyenesdiás, follow the direction of Faludi street, then go about 500 metres and turn left onto Dornyai Béla street. The beautiful building of the visitor center will be visible on the right. Free parking is available in front of the visitor center.


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8315 Gyenesdiás, Dornyai út 4.


Open hours

  • January 02 - December 18
  • ClosedOpens: 09:00
    • Wednesday (today) 09:00-19:00
    • Thursday 09:00-19:00
    • Friday 09:00-19:00
    • Saturday 09:00-19:00
    • Sunday 09:00-19:00
    • Monday 09:00-19:00
    • Tuesday 09:00-19:00

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