Running Keszthely

Whether you live in the city or come to Keszthely as a guest, if you are at all drawn to the idea of running, don't hesitate to put on your running shoes and we will show you some great locations!

Where to Run in Keszthely?

The Benefits of Running

The benefits of running do not need to be discussed in detail here, but it is important to emphasize that we do not have to tie our sports activities to a particular place, time, or other people. So, if we are just spending our vacation in the city, and if we have comfortable, sporty clothes with us, we can already start running. We have probably all experienced it when we saw someone running in a beautiful environment, for example on a beach, in a picture or in a movie, and thought: it must be easy for him in such a beautiful place! In Keszthely we cannot have such an excuse, as the Balaton’s main city can be defined as a running paradise, let us tell you why!

Running at the Balaton Shore

Keszthely is favorable for those who prefer active rest, as, to mention a few examples, the Blue Trail route and the Balaton Bike Tour pass through here. Where there is cycling, there is usually running as well, so we have arrived at one of our best locations, the Balaton Shore. From here we can take off in two directions. If we set off from Keszthely towards Gyenesdiás, we will be running along the shore for a long time, depending on how far each of us wants to go, we can have several destinations.

Tipp a keszthelyi yachtkikötő mögötti padokon megpihenhetünk futás közbenHintAt the back of the Keszthely Yacht Harbour we can find benches, here we can rest if necessary, while admiring the view of Lake Balaton.

If we want, we can continue on the bike path, but we can turn back at any time. If we can still manage it, it is worth reaching the shore section following the Vonyarc port, where we will again be rewarded with a wonderful view of the lake. This is about 5 kilometers from our starting point.
We can also set off from the Keszthely shore in the opposite direction, through the Ferenc Csik Promenade and the Csárda Street, we can reach the statues of Helka and Kelén, where we will again find ourselves along the “Hungarian Sea”. The bike path allows us to go further in the direction of the southern shore, the distance we cover is only limited by our energy.

Running Tracks and Running Paths in Keszthely

Some people prefer running tracks and there is such an opportunity in our city. The “park-circle” of the Helikon Park, located not far from the promenade, is 1km long, so we can run as much as we can and don’t have to walk back from anywhere. This is also good because we can set a goal of two circles and if we feel like it, we can increase the number of circles to be completed. All this under centuries-old trees on the city’s largest green area.

If we move away from the shore of Lake Balaton but still stay with the circles, let’s choose the Festetics Castle Park! If we want to exercise here, especially in summer, we should prefer weekdays and morning hours, as it can be disturbing for visitors and us to run in the biggest “crowd”. The picturesque park, beautiful in every season, makes us forget which circle we are on. If we are looking for a running path, let’s choose the sports field on Szendreytelep Street!

Running on Terrain

Those who enjoy running on terrain will not be left without a route in Keszthely! On the 6 km long Fenyves-allé, on the former carriage and horse riding route, we can also set our own distance as a goal.

Those who crave an extreme environment often choose the trails and lookouts of the Keszthelyi-hegység as their destination. The sometimes steep climbs can test even the fittest body, so let’s start responsibly! In any case, whoever reaches one of the lookouts will be rewarded with an unforgettable panorama!

Running Races

Keszthely often hosts running events, and if we are very determined, we can compete in races as well. The most significant, annual events – if the virus does not intervene – are the Keszthelyi Kilométerek, the Keszthelyi Triathlon, but there are examples of night runs, and many charity events, where runners usually line up at the starting line for a common, noble cause.


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