Helikon Beach

Helikon Beach is in the south of the city, for those who long for peaceful sunbathing.

The Most Relaxing Beach in Keszthely

If we are looking for peace, we prefer passive relaxation, then Helikon Beach is the place for us!

Vitorlás a Balaton vizénAn interesting factDid you know? This used to be the princely beach, the Festetics family also swam here, from here comes the origin of the name Helikon.

The shallow water is ideal for those arriving with small children. Of course, here we don’t have to give up movement and active relaxation either, as we can play volleyball, football on the sandy pitches, play table tennis, and rent a water bike. The beach has 19,000 m2 of free green area, so there is no risk of anyone disturbing the other bathers with their activities. We can also bring our favorite book with us, because there is nothing better than immersing ourselves in our favorite reading after a refreshing bath, while a soft Balaton breeze caresses us.

“Very nice place! Prepared for the summer, well-kept and maintained environment, and endless atmosphere. Trees providing shade, great changing rooms, toilets, showers, and the bike storage is cultured. Great that they thought of the children too.


Anikó SzabóLocal Tour Guide
Tipp nézd meg a Helka és Kelén szobrot Keszthelyen a Balaton-partonHintAfter we have rested, we had a lángos, licked a few ice cream scoops and we are already on our way home, let's not forget to visit the Helka and Kelén statue near the beach, behind which lies a real Balaton legend.

Fishing at Helikon Beach

The beach welcomes those who wish to fish, outside the season, in a well-ordered environment, and anglers who can draw in.

We can also browse the fishing options in Keszthely and its surroundings here.

Admission Tickets

Discounted tickets can be purchased at the beach, and we can bathe with a 50% discount after 6:00pm. The West Balaton card can be used, and payment can also be made with SZÉP card, bank card, or cash.

Approach and Parking

Helikon Strand is located in the south of Keszthely. The train station and bus station are within a quarter of an hour’s walk. Free parking is provided next to the beach. Good news for those arriving by bicycle is that the beach also has a bicycle storage.


It may happen that we get hungry after playing a lot, swimming and spending time at the beach, here we can find snack bars and lángosos where we can satisfy our appetite.

Kedvencünk gyönyörködni a Halászcsárda autentikus épületébenOur favoriteThe Halászcsárda - Fisherman's Tavern, built by the Festetics family, is located in the picturesque surroundings near the Helikon Strand, welcoming its guests with Hungarian cuisine and Balaton fish dishes.

Beach Library

If you’ve been swimming and you just want to relax and read something in the sun, but you didn’t bring any books, don’t worry! The Fejér György Public Library has set up a bookcase on the beach, so you can browse through the books in there.


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8360 Keszthely, Entz Géza sétány


Open hours

  • June 08 - September 01
  • OpenClosing: 19:00
    • Thursday (today) 08:30-19:00
    • Friday 08:30-19:00
    • Saturday 08:30-19:00
    • Sunday 08:30-19:00
    • Monday 08:30-19:00
    • Tuesday 08:30-19:00
    • Wednesday 08:30-19:00

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