Keszthely Gastronomy

The components of Keszthely gastronomy include delicacies from the Zala region, dishes mainly related to Lake Balaton, the legacy of the Festetics family, and local wine specialties. Numerous gastronomic events and competitions, such as the City Cake, also add color to the year.

Keszthely Gastronomy Guide

Local Specialities

If we want to eat and try local specialities, it is worth looking at the wider environment of Keszthely and going back in time. The city is located in Zala county, so we can look for specialities typical of the region, such as zalai dödölle.

Sülnek a nyárson a halakAn interesting factIf we already talk about Zala, let's not forget the river crayfish, which was fished from the Zala river since the Middle Ages and was considered one of the most valuable bred animals of the county, and could even be found in the Vienna market!

If we go back in time, we find a great tradition in Keszthely of the potato cultivation that is still alive today. At the Georgikon, about 17 different potatoes were grown, about which the school teacher and director, János Asbóth, wrote a study. Nowdays, we can find 10 different potatoes, among which we find the “Balaton Rose” and the “Somogyi Kifli”.

If Balaton-beach, then the consumption of Balaton fish cannot be missed either. If we want to eat a local speciality, we should not miss the perch of Keszthely!

BorkóstolóAn interesting factKeszthely is closely connected to the world-famous Spicy of Cserszeg and its creator, Dr. Károly Bakonyi, whose whole life was determined by his love for grapes. The Spicy of Cserszeg wine was created in 1960 by crossing the grape Irsai Oliver and the pink Tramini grape varieties - in England it was even chosen as the year's best white wine among 7400 varieties - but in addition to this, 15 state-recognized varieties are linked to the work of grape breeding by Dr. Károly Bakonyi. For 47 years he shared his knowledge at the university of Keszthely.

Attention sweet-toothed people!

It is no coincidence that we can find many delicacies made of chestnuts, as the fruit has a long tradition in the city. At one time, the origin of the city’s name was also traced back to the word chestnut. Nowadays, for example, a festival is held in its “honor”, and the Keszthely City Reform Cake 2021 was given the name “Chestnut Avenue Cake”, of course, due to its taste and ingredients.

Érdekesség “Cserszegi Fűszeres-Mandulás Torta” nyerte a Keszthely város tortája címet 2021-benAn interesting factDid you know? It is thanks to Taszilo Festetics II that there are a good number of almond trees in our area. The prince wanted to give his wife pleasure with the sight of the trees blooming in spring, and also they were planted in place of the vineyards during the phylloxera plague, so they had economic significance as well. If you want to have an ice cream, be sure to try Festetics' almond kiss!

In 2021, the Keszthely City Cake competition was announced for the first time, and the “winner” was the Sütibolt “Cserszegi Fűszeres-Mandulás Torta”, which is made of spicy wine,from Cserszeg crunchy almond praline layer and white chocolate mousse, on almond sponge cake and linzer base. The original and plate dessert versions are available in our city. It is worth visiting the Sütibolt during the pre-Christmas period, as the confectionery can also boast award-winning chocolates and beiglis.

Where can I eat?

Keszthely has many quality catering establishments from suburban areas to downtown and even to the shores of Lake Balaton. There are traditional kitchens and those representing the world of street food, as well as those showcasing international flavors, but of course the palette and selection are much more colorful. Several of our catering establishments have also been added to the Balaton Gastro Map.

If you would like to experiment at home, we warmly recommend the City Market of Keszthely, where you can pick the best of local producers’ products and find excellent ingredients for cooking. In addition to sun-ripened fresh fruits and vegetables, you can also find smoked meats, fish, producer cheeses and much more. If you would like to accompany the food with wine, visit the wine shop on the Promenade, where you can find the best wines from Hungary and the world in one place!

Gastro festivals all year round

The good news for lovers of delicacies and specialties is that Keszthely abounds in food- and drink-oriented events, just think of the Balatoni Kör “Taste it around” event, the Food Truck Show, the Chestnut Festival, the summer wine and beer festivals. But gastronomic shows can also be found at other events, such as Keszthely Fest.


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