Water-Fun in Keszthely

Being a city on the shores of Lake Balaton, Keszthely abounds in water-related leisure activities (boating), sports (sailing, kayaking), and in addition to swimming, a multitude of aquatic experiences await us.

Boating, Sports, Swimming, Thermal Water


There is a centuries-old tradition of boating on the Balaton, the Kisfaludy steamboat was launched in 1846.

Érdekesség Phoenix gályaAn interesting factLet us not forget that the Phoenix Galley, which can claim to be the largest sailing boat ever on Balaton, is connected to Keszthely and the Festetics family.

Since then, boating techniques have changed and developed, and today we can cross the Balaton with various watercraft. The Balaton Shipping Company’s Helka boat awaits us at the Keszthely pier to take a pleasure boat ride in the Keszthely Bay, or to travel to other Balaton-side towns (e.g. Balatongyörök, Szigliget, Badacsony). Program boats are also popular, including party boats, children’s boats, and sunset tours.

If We Sail to More Sporty Waters…

If we crave active rest, we can choose the popular sailing! Those who are still planning to learn the techniques of water sports, they are welcomed at the Optisul Sailing School – children are also welcomed. If we are looking for a marina, we should look for the Keszthelyi Yacht Club. We have the opportunity to rent a sailboat.

We can also choose smaller water vehicles, for example, we can have world champion training if we want to kayak-canoe, the Water Sports Association of Keszthely founded by world and European champion kayaker, Paksy Tímea, provides this opportunity at the City Beach.

Vízibiciklizés a BalatononOur favoriteWe can also rent a paddle boat to complete the classic Balaton atmosphere.

For Children

Although most of the activities listed are for children, many services are specifically aimed at the youngest age group. A unique feature of the City Beach is the Lake Balaton-shaped pool, but the water slide and the largest water experience park of Lake Balaton, 1870 sqm in size, are also very popular.


The most obvious way of meeting water and people is swimming, which is not bound to time or tools, and has a beneficial effect on the whole body, muscles, and last but not least, the soul. For safe swimming, do not move too far from the shore, and watch out for storm warnings!

Érdekesség Csík Ferenc olimpiai bajnok úszóAn interesting factLet us not forget that Keszthely can boast of an Olympic swimmer too, since it was here that Ferenc Csik got to know the water, and he made it all the way from the waters of Lake Balaton to the Berlin Olympics in 1936 .

Aquapark Nearby

If we don’t arrive during the summer season at the Balaton-shore, or the water temperature is not suitable, we can choose from experience bathing options around Keszthely. The closest and best known is the Hévíz-lake, Europe’s largest thermal lake with healing properties. Nearby is also the Aquapark of Kehidakustány, the thermal bath of Zalakaros, and the bath of Zalaszentgrót.


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