Amazon House Visitor Center

The Amazon House Visitor Center near the Festetics Castle presents the land, water and air transportation means of the former noble journeys and trips.

Means of Transportation for Noble Journeys

The visitor center, established in the former Amazon Hotel building, was inaugurated and opened to visitors in 2016 as the newest permanent exhibition of the Helikon Castle Museum.

For Lovers of Travel

Do you also have trouble deciding what to take on a longer trip? At the exhibition we can get an insight into the travel trunks, of which a particularly remarkable piece is the Louis Vuitton travel trunk of György Festetics III, which in terms of size can be compared to a wardrobe. It is interesting to note that the gentleman’s travel trunk was later left to his valet, in return for his services. We can find out what medicines were packed and what dangers lurked for the travelers.

Kedvencünk Louis Vuitton utazólása az Amazon Ház LátogatóközpontbanOur favoriteGyörgy Festetics the 3th's Louis Vuitton travel trunk is considered an outstanding piece, which in terms of size can be compared to a wardrobe. It is interesting that the gentleman's travel trunk was later left to his butler, in exchange for his services.

A special piece is the rigid structure, metal frame, steerable airship model of Dávid Schwarz, born in Keszthely. At the exhibition we can take a look at numerous modern cars and bicycles. If you are interested in what a carriage of the time was like, or travelling in a carriage, try out the carriage simulator! Those who love railway transport will not be left without new information and experiences either, a restored sleeping car can be seen, which in its time represented the luxury category. It is interesting to note that the Festetics family had their own sleeping car. With the help of the exhibition we can also find out how the spread of the railway changed the travel habits of the time. If you are a lover of the waters, grab the wheel and sail into the adventurous world brought to life by the exhibition!

“It is a super experience and a very enjoyable, educational interactive program for the whole family. Civilized restrooms, friendly staff, multiple payment options. We can vary the combined tickets, rich souvenir shop. You can learn and orientate yourself about history while playing. Highly recommended for lovers of travel and railways!”

Ákos KeppelLocal Guide

An interesting factDo you want to know more about the past of Keszthely? Then the book KESZTHELYI TÖRTÉNETEK was written for you, get it in the Tourinform office on the walking street!

The History of the Amazon House

The Visitor Center was set up in the former Amazon Hotel building, which we count among the city’s first accommodation facilities.
The first written mention of the hotel dates back to 1715 from the pen of an English traveler named Clemens. The building was rebuilt at the end of the 18th century according to the plans of Kristóf Hofstadter, after which the guests were welcomed by rooms, a billiard room, a ballroom, later supplemented by a confectionery and a coffee house. A horse-changing station operated in the courtyard, and in front of the building there was a stop for cabs and cars, and later the first petrol station in Keszthely.

Kedvencünk emléktábla Csokonai Vitéz Mihály keszthelyi látogatásáról, amikor az Amazon Szállóban szállt meg 1798-banAn interesting factOn the wall of the Amazon House is a plaque indicates that in 1798 the Hungarian poet Mihály Vitéz Csokonai stayed here, and István Simon  commemorated the occasion in his poem "Csokonai in the Inn" with these words: "I imagine that Vitéz was also here, I golden letters kake me remember. The ceiling, the beam, even the lime, And the pipe, as he saw it, still smokes."

Approach, Other Information

The visitor center is located on the way from the castle to the Promenade. If we arrive by car, we can park for free in the inner courtyard of the visitor center. When visiting the museum, we can request a guided tour, pay with a SZÉP card when purchasing the entrance ticket, and take advantage of various discounts. We can take part in an exciting imaginary Keszthely journey in the museum pedagogy session, get advice on what to pack, what rules to follow, and what to do if our vehicle does not start.

Tipp Zenit Café étterem az Amazon Ház Látogatóközpont épületébenHintThe Zenit Café restaurant, located in the same building as the visitor center, welcomes its guests throughout the year with delicacies made of quality ingredients.


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