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Behind the Keszthely Castle Park is the Festetics family's exhibition, which revives the noble hunting of the past and showcases the wild world of our planet. The Festetics Castle - Hunting Exhibition is open all year round and can be an exciting and ideal program for children and families.

Hunting – Not Just for Hunters

Trophies, rugs made of animal fur, weapons, paintings depicting animals – these were essential decorations of the former manors and castles, as one of the favorite pastimes of the nobility was hunting. The Festetics family had the opportunity to do so in their rich wildlife areas. The Hunting Museum revives these noble hunts and also pays tribute to famous Hungarian hunters. But what makes the museum even more special is that it also presents the wildlife of our planet, thus giving it a scientific character.

Wildlife of our Earth

The exhibition is not limited to the presentation of hunting by the Festetics family, in some wings of the building exhibitions presenting about 220 species of the wild life of the American, Asian and African rainforest were placed. It can be exciting and interesting for children to get to know the animals up close and in their natural habitat, where they can also hear their voices. A novelty is the Asian mountain range and the prehistoric cave of man created under the mountains, where we can get a glimpse into the life of a family.

Interesting and beautifully implemented exhibition. Astonishing amount of trophies from all over the world. Special experience to see the animals arranged thematically in the huge spaces.

Milán JuhászLocal Guide
A vadászati kiállítás többek közt a Festetics család egykori birtokainak vadvilágát is bemutatjaOur favoriteOn the floor in front of us is a copy of a famous American nature painter's painting depicting 208 African wild species. You can only view this stunning work of art here in Europe!

Reviving the Old Noble Hunts, the Festetics Legacy

The Festetics family gave the opportunity to their beloved noble pastime of hunting in their richly stocked hunting grounds in the area, and the game stock here was famous far and wide. The family recognized that in order to be a good gamekeeper, one had to have the right knowledge, so György Festetics I. started gamekeeper-hunter training at the Georgikon he founded. After completing the studies, there was the possibility to work on the Count’s estate. Among the hunters on the Festetics estate was Crown Prince Rudolf, whose Berzence hunt was immortalized in a painting. In the 1930s, at the invitation of György  Festetics III., the then Governor, Miklós Horthy, came several times to hunt.

Europe’s Most Prestigious Hunting Exhibition

The question may arise as to where the exhibited pieces come from, since almost the entire trophy collection disappeared after World War II. Windisch-Gratz Prince had a great role in creating the hunting collection, thanks to his friendship with Dr. Endre Nagy, who donated his world-famous collection to Hungary.

Jegesmedvével is találkozhatunk a kiállításonAn interesting factThe collection of the Hunting Museum also includes Baron György Dózsa's trophy collection, despite the fact that the British Museum also bid for the pieces worth of treasure.

In the 2000s, thanks to the donation, work and dedication of Béla Hidvégi, the hunting exhibition opened its doors in 2008, which was later enriched with a collection of fine arts – here we must mention the name of collector Ferenc Lakatos. Among the exhibited pieces we can find special bronze and porcelain sculptures, paintings, wall carpets, hunting weapons, as well as a hunter’s working room.

Approach and other services

The museum building is located behind the Festetics Castle, with its own parking lot, and can be approached on foot from the city center. In front of the museum, a garden railway awaits the youngest, then after entering we can buy a ticket – even with SZÉP card, with discounts for large families, and we can also request a guided tour. The students are welcomed by museum pedagogy activities presenting the role of nature conservation and hunting.
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