Keszthely Dog Park and Picnic Garden

Owners and their four-legged pets can bathe together in the Keszthely Dog Park, which is also a dog-friendly community space located at the westernmost point of Lake Balaton.

Relaxation for Dog and Owner

Dog Beach and Park

Many people consider their dogs as family members, so why not splash together in the summer heat of Lake Balaton? In 2020, a much-needed dog beach opened in Keszthely. The beach is special in that it is not only dog-friendly, but also owner-friendly, which means that there is a decent restroom, changing room and cafeteria at their disposal. Entry is done through a turnstile system which prevents any four-legged creature from entering or escaping. The water is shallow for a long time, so we don’t have to swim with our beloved pets on each other’s backs. While elsewhere the various sports fields are considered “extras”, here the dog playground is a “treat” for our furry friends.

“We need more places like this! 10 out of 5 points. Constant cold water for the dogs, showering facilities, toilet, restaurant part, parking, affordable prices, delicious food, fenced-in area, agility course. In short, everything can be found here. And all of this can be enjoyed by people with their dogs. On weekends with a lot of dogs, on weekdays with a more ideal number. The stones make it difficult to get into the water, but this is not the fault of the place, it can be solved with a shoe or slipper. ”

Borbála CzakóLocal Guide
Szép zöld gyep, árnyékot adó fák a strandonHintThe beach area is covered by a beautiful green lawn, wide trees provide shade in the hot weather, where you can even have a picnic.

Admission ticket

You can find the price of the admission tickets [here].

Approach, Parking

The dog beach is located at the former south free beach, accessible from Fenéki street. Parking is free directly next to the beach.

Further Dog-Related Programs in Keszthely

If after swimming we would like to take a walk with our beloved pet, we can choose the promenade along the Balaton or the city centre. If we would like to go further, we recommend the Fenyves-allé and the trails of the Keszthely-Mountains. It is also worth visiting the Helikon park where a dog run was created.


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8360 Keszthely, Hrsz. 4507/11


Open hours

  • May 25 - August 20
  • OpenClosing: 19:00
    • Thursday (today) 09:00-19:00
    • Friday 09:00-19:00
    • Saturday 09:00-19:00
    • Sunday 09:00-19:00
    • Monday 09:00-19:00
    • Tuesday 09:00-19:00
    • Wednesday 09:00-19:00

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