Pethő House, the birthplace of Károly Goldmark

The Pethő-house, built in the 15th century in Baroque style, located on the promenade in Keszthely, is the oldest building in the street. It was here where the famous composer Károly Goldmark was born in 1830.

The iconic building of the Promenade of Keszthely

If you are walking on the Promenade of Keszthely, you will surely be captivated by the Mediterranean-style baroque house standing in the middle of the street, with its yellow walls adorned with grapevine leaves embracing its grated windows. The Goldmark family, who served the Festetics, lived in the oldest building of the street, and it was here where the city’s famous composer, Károly Goldmark, was born in 1830.

An interesting factOver the more than 500 years, the building has had many names: Pethő-ház, Goldmark-ház, and in the second half of the 18th century it was also referred to as a “Jewish and tavern house”.

You will find it in the courtyard of the Pethő-house

Step into the courtyard of the Pethő-house, where the ground floor and the first floor Baroque arcades are opened up to you, which are decorated with brightly coloured pansies from spring to autumn. At the end of the courtyard we find the synagogue built by György Festetics around 1780, as well as the accompanying biblical garden.

Tipp petanque pálya a Pethő-ház udvaránHintIn the yard of the house a petanque court was established, so we can play the French ball game in such a wonderful historic environment.

Discover your environment!

The Pethő-house is located halfway between the Festetics Castle and the Keszthely Main Square. Admire the city’s Historical Center, don’t miss the chance to visit Hungary’s most visited castle!

Who was Karl Goldmark?

Karl Goldmark was a world-famous Hungarian-Austrian composer, violinist and music educator. His name is associated with the Oper Königin von Saba, which was one of the greatest successes of the 19th century in Europe.

Goldmark – as the son of a Jewish cantor with many children – spent his youth in Keszthely, where he began his musical studies privately, later studying in Sopron and Vienna. After a short stay in Buda, he mainly lived in the Austrian capital, where he achieved his most important professional successes.

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The Short History of the Pethő House

The Pethő House is the oldest monument of the Keszthely Promenade, and a manor had already been standing on the same spot in the 15th century. For centuries it remained in the family’s possession until it became extinct in 1730 with János Pethő. After that it was taken over by the Festetics family.

An interesting factNext to the house on the plot there is also a granary, from which the experts conclude that grain merchants once lived here.

The baroque façade and the arched-shaped entrance gate, which can still be seen today, was built in the 18th century. The Goldmark family, who served the Festetics, lived in this house, and the famous composer Károly Goldmark was born here in 1830.

The building deeply extends into the street, indicating the original width of the street. Today its street front is home to a wine shop and a clothing stores.


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