Lake Balaton and the Keszthely Bay

Many of us think of Keszthely in such a complex way that even if we take one element or sight away from it, it would still be valuable, special and stand out from other cities. But can we imagine it without Lake Balaton? The Cultural Capital of Balaton? Probably not.

Balaton, as We Love It

The Balaton in the Past

Believe it or not, for a long time the people living here did not look at the Balaton as a tourist attraction. At most they kept ducks in it – as we can see in the Libás beach, they fished from it, used its water for irrigation and to water animals. It is interesting that despite searching for poems about the Balaton, for some reason our poets did not sing about it for a long time. We only spoke of the classic Balaton bathing culture from the second third of the 19th century, but other activities related to the lake, such as sailing, were already present. Here we must think first and foremost of commercial purposes, for example the transport of wood or salt to the eastern basin of the Balaton. Let us not forget the Phoenix, the largest sailing ship ever on the Balaton, which was launched by the Festetics family in 1797.

The Balaton and Us

What does the Balaton mean to us? Is it the same for a local and a tourist? Certainly not, since we all have different reasons to be connected to the Hungarian Sea. Many come here to swim in the water, while others like to go boating, sail.

Balaton vize a nádasbólHintIf you want to swim, but you are afraid that the lake water is not warm enough, check the water temperature here.

Some trust that they can catch the fish for their future Christmas dinner from the lake. Many like to do sports, cycle, run around the lake, since it is so much more motivating in such an environment, where you can stop and admire our little sea. The lake also offers many possibilities for those who like to capture beautiful moments, the sunrise and sunset at the Balaton cannot be compared to anything, it looks different every day and every season.

“It offers a beautiful environment and good fishing opportunities, especially for anglers who use spinning rods.”

Molnár GyulaLocal tour guide

Tipp Balaton látványa a keszthelyi óriáskerékből, vagy a Keszthelyi-hegységbőlHintFrom the giant Ferris wheel on the shore of the Keszthelyi Bay, we can look out over the bay in summer, but the view is still beautiful when we look out over the water from the lookout points of the Keszthelyi Mountains.

One thing is for sure, for today’s people, due to lifestyle changes and technological innovations, the Balaton means more than just the possibility of water trade.

What does the Balaton mean to you?

Fishing at Lake Balaton

If we visit the Keszthely shore of Lake Balaton for the purpose of fishing, we can have several destinations. Besides the beach season, we can fish at the Libás- and Helikon beaches. Throughout the year, along the bicycle path connecting the Libás- and City beach, as well as in the areas around the pier and the bay in front of the Fisherman’s Inn.

Tipp! Nézd meg a keszthelyi hajóállomást és yachtkikötőt webcamerák segítségével bárhonnan!HintTake a look at Lake Balaton! The location of the permanent fixed webcam is in Keszthely, at the Keszthely Harbour.


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