Famous buildings of the city

Among the famous buildings in Keszthely's city center and on the shores of Lake Balaton, there are some that do not serve the same purpose as when they were built. Let's get to know the history of Keszthely's old buildings!

Old Offices, Villas and Hotels

Former Town Hall

Érdekesség a régi városháza épületében ma a Goldmark Károly Művelődési Központ működikAn interesting factIf you wanted to take care of your official business a hundred years ago, you had to go to the building that now houses the Károly Goldmark Cultural Center, located in the Promenade, not to the current Mayor's Office.

The former Town Hall was built in the second half of the 18th century in eclectic style. On its facade, the city’s coat of arms refers to its original purpose. Step through its old gate and take a look at the marble tablets of the  Pantheon of Keszthely in its staircase, which commemorate the Keszthely-related icons!

Town Hall

The Town Hall, located on the main square of the city next to, plays an important role in the city’s administrative life and contributes aesthetically to the beautiful cityscape. The building, designed by Kristfóf Hofstädter, court architect of the Festetics family, was originally built as a lodging house/county house, and then acquired its copf-style façade after its reconstruction. For several decades, between 1865 and 1897, it housed the Agricultural Institute, successor to the Georgikon. Later it also functioned as a savings bank headquarters and post office, and provided space for the Balaton Museum exhibitions. Since the 1930s it has been fulfilling the role of town hall, and today it is the headquarters of the Mayor’s Office. When the building was renovated, the renovators were surprised to discover frescoes under several layers of plaster. The frescoes were repainted by László Haraszti, a painter from Keszthely. The Reception Room was also uncovered at that time, of which nobody had known before.

Villa District

If we travel towards Lake Balaton, we can notice that the houses surrounding the Helikon park reflect the style of the Monarchy era. It is not a coincidence that at the turn of the last century, a wave of villa construction began in the vicinity of the park, and the style of the houses built at that time is still defining. What style is it exactly? Eclecticism and more restrained versions of Art Nouveau, alongside sections of façades bearing Swiss style features.

Wave Hotel

If we approach the Balaton shore through the Pavilion row, at the end of the row we can see a building more than a hundred years old. Its facade announces its original function with the inscription: Wave Hotel. The hotel was built between 1893 and 1894 according to the plans of János Schadl, after the Balaton shore became part of the city. Its traffic was soon so great that it had to be expanded with side wings. In 1912 the hotel caught fire, but the damage caused by the fire was successfully repaired and the building hosted important cultural events in the following decades.

Hullám-szálló és terasza, ahol élénk gasztronómiai élet folyikAn interesting factThe banquet of the 1921 Helikon celebration was also held here, attended by the Governor, Miklós Horthy.

After the Second World War, its condition gradually deteriorated and in the 70s it was close to demolition, but it was saved by the local population joining forces.

Today, in the summer, the terrace of the former hotel is filled with life by the Gasztroplacc, welcoming its guests who are hungry and want to eat and drink with a Balaton panorama, with craft beers, burgers and street food dishes.

Balaton Hotel

The Balaton Hotel was opened in 1895. After 1954 it became a company resort, but its condition gradually deteriorated and a fire in 2008 destroyed its roof structure. To this day it is awaiting renovation. From spring to autumn, the  Giant Wheel of Keszthely stands in the square in front of the hotel.


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