Pine Avenue

Between Keszthely and Fenékpuszta stretches a roughly 6 km long avenue of 900 black pines, the picturesque Fenyves alley. The protected avenue once connected the Festetics castle with the manor of Fenékpuszta.

Protected Forest from Keszthely to Fenékpuszta

Sports Opportunities

When looking for adjectives for the allé, peaceful and calm are the first to come to mind. That is why it is suitable for romantic or health walks, but many people come with dogs to the area, which can be explored freely by their pets. If we want to be more active, we can run or get on our bikes and ride to the Roman ruins in Fenékpuszta from where we can return to the city on the Balaton Bike Route. A Nordic Walking route has also been set up in the allé.

Kedvencünk a Fenyves allén szánkózni télenOur favoriteThe Pine avenue is a popular sledding spot, many people choose it due to its proximity to the city. If there is enough snowfall in winter,here we go to the Pine avenue!

The Story of the Alley

In Hungary, there are two protected avenues, one of them is the Keszthely Fenyves Alley, which was created by Tasziló Festetics, through which he reached the fenékpusztai estate, where the family’s stud was. After the main street of the city was renamed to Kossuth Lajos Street, the alley was transformed into a carriage road, where he often traveled with his wife, Lady Mary Hamilton. The branches of the pines are pruned up to 4-5 meters, so as not to disturb the carriage ride.

Approach, Parking

We can approach the estate from the road leading to Alsópáhok at the end of Georgikon Street, free parking is possible at the entrance. The black pine grove can be visited free of charge.

Érdekesség a Fenyves allén sétálva megnézhetjük Szendrey Júlia szülőházátAn interesting factIt is interesting that the avenue passes through the Szendrey-colony, where we can see the birthplace and bust of Júlia Szendrey, the widow of Sándor Petőfi.

Nearby we find…

If we walk along the alley or ride along the row of trees, we reach Fenékpuszta, where we find the Fenékpuszta small castle, and in its vicinity the ruins of the Roman era! It is worth going further by bicycle to visit the Kis-Balaton Visitor Center also located in Fenékpuszta!


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